DualSense Edge: Price, Release Date and Where to Buy


Sony has officially unveiled Dualsense Edge, the “professional” version of its PS5 controller. Dualsense Edge is priced at $199.99 and will go on sale in January 2023.

Sony’s excellent DualSense controller gets a “professional” version with DualSense Edge. A clear shot towards Microsoft, Edge draws inspiration from the Elite line of controllers for Xbox.

What is a DualSense Edge controller?

The DualSense Edge controller combines the new PS5 controller with additional features for high-level gaming. This includes two petals around the back that can be tied to any button. There are also additional thumb styles suitable for your favorite way of playing.

Sony lets you swap the entire joystick inside Edge, which will help if your joystick wants to drift. Instead, we would like to see a stick with a Hall sensor. However, this should help solve the stick drift issues that have plagued Switch and Playstation for some time.

On the back, the petals — you can use two at the same time — can be matched to any button you like. At the top, the triggers can be changed to change the resistance and the distance they can travel. For shooters, this means less time to think about pulling the trigger, while a deeper push in a racing game can give you an edge in speed control.

DualSense Edge in the box

When will DualSense Edge be released and at what price?

Sony plans to release the controller on January 26, 2023 in its store, and a month later, on February 23, it will be available to other retailers. It will cost $199.99 and includes the following:

DualSense Edge Wireless Controller
Braided USB cable
2 standard caps
2 caps with a high dome
2 caps with a low dome
2 semicircular rear buttons
2 lever buttons back
Connector housing

Where to buy Dualsense Edge

If you want to make sure you get your device on the same day and date as the launch time in January, Sony is opening pre-orders on October 25 through its store. As soon as it becomes available on Best Buy, Amazon and GameStop, we will definitely let you know here and on our special Twitter page.

The flash drive modules will also be launched on January 26 at a price of $19.99.

There is no exact information about when the Xbox Elite Controller 3 will appear, but we like to speculate. Perhaps we will see it closer to the launch of DualSense Edge.


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