Dual Space: learn how to use two accounts in apps


The feature of using two or more accounts from the same app on the smartphone has become so popular, that some have the feature available on their Android, being possible to use solutions such as Dual Space, which is available on Google Play and on the developer’s website for download.

According to the developers, this was the first application in the segment to bring support to WhatsApp. In addition to the popular messenger, the app supports the main social networks, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, in addition to integration with mobile games.

How Dual Space works

Like other app cloning apps, Dual Space creates a kind of directory that allows the same app to be used in duplicate. In this way, you can have two logins on messengers or social networks, as well as open the same game with two different accounts.

For the application to work correctly, the user must grant all requested access permissions, since the app must have the same privileges as those that will be cloned.

How to use Dual Space

Dual Space can be downloaded directly from the Android application store or via the application’s .apk file on the developer’s website. Remembering that, if you choose to download the Dual Space .apk, you will need to enable the installation of apps from unknown sources in your device’s settings.

After granting access, on the Dual Space home screen select the app you want to clone and tap on the “+” item to add a new account. Then, just login to the selected service and you’re done.

Applications cloned through Dual Space must be accessed directly from the app’s home screen, and you can add up to two accounts for each service, in addition to organizing the interface by removing items that are not being used.

In its free version, Dual Space displays some ads, so if you want advertising-free browsing, consider investing from R $ 13.99 a month in the VIP version, which also offers instant messaging, greater stability and password lock apps.

The overall experience with the app is not as functional as integrated solutions for compatible devices. Each time an app opens, a sequence of ads is displayed, which can be quite annoying for those who cannot wait a few seconds to access the cloned app. Anyway, it’s worth considering investing in the app’s VIP mode, since, despite the somewhat uncomfortable usability, Dual Space works.


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