Dual screen smartphone design with slide from Oppo


A patent application filed by Oppo to the China Intellectual Property Administration (CNIPA) shows that the company is working on a smartphone design with a vertically opening slide. Many manufacturers are considering different design ideas to “redefine” the smartphone market. Therefore, it should not be surprising that Oppo made a move in this direction.

It can be said that the first choice of smartphone manufacturers is foldable phones. Many manufacturers are working on this issue. In fact, foldable phones from companies such as Samsung, Huawei and Motorola are already available on the market.

Oppo seems to be inspired by the past like these companies. Sled mobile phones were also very popular for a period. In fact, during the release of the first smartphones, phones with keyboards with slide mechanisms attracted a lot of attention.

Looking at Oppo’s patent file, it is seen that a second screen emerges from the slide mechanism, thus increasing the total screen area by approximately 40 percent. It is also stated that the aspect ratio of the screen will be 1: 1 when the slide mechanism is turned off. This indicates that the phone will have a square design.

While smartphone manufacturers regularly file patents, they don’t always turn them into tangible products. It is also necessary to wait for the fate of the Oppo and the slide phone patent.

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