Dua Lipa’s New Look Was An Accident


Dua Lipa’s New Look Was An Accident. The singer shared the funny story behind her new hair. The singer of ‘ One Kiss ‘ has left more than one impressed with her change of look in her hair in two tones .

Dua Lipa is one of the most important current performers and has always been on the most important music playlists, but she is not only an icon of the industry, but also everything she uses makes it a trend .

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the colour coordination going mad mad

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Through social networks, the hitmaker has shared its new cut is not entirely intentional , because although they bleached hair again from the front, which has held since October 2019, now Dua wears a bangs because the fragility of her hair after fading caused it to break. Sad! 🙁

The new look of Lipa has on the social networks because it looks great, the singer has experienced with her hair has been blonde , she has had hair dyed colored brown, black, long, short, shoulders, uffff ! a myriad of styles .


Whether intentionally or not, everyone loves the new style of the singer, who also posted some photos that the cameramen took, presuming her fringe , she was leaving a building in which she put as description: ‘Please do not talk to me while mercury is retrograde ‘.

What do you think about the new look of the singer?


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