Dua Lipa was shocked that Trump activists entered Capitol!


Dua Lipa is shocked by the actions of pro-Trump activists who have invaded Capitol Hill. And she made it known on her Instagram account.

Dua Lipa is outraged after the Pro-Trump invasion of Capitol Hill hours ago. They managed to take over the place in a very short time.

The latter demonstrated for several hours. While a session was held in the Capitol, demonstrators managed to invade the premises. In front of cameras around the world.

To do this, they did not hesitate to climb the railings of the monument classified as a historical heritage. News agencies have unveiled some edifying images.

So we see pro-Trump protesters climbing the wall. They broke the windows of the doors in order to enter the building. The singer Dua Lipa is therefore “disgusted” to see such acts occur in Washington. And she’s not the only one.

The British singer took to social media … Seeing that the phenomenon was growing. And she didn’t mince words.


The Love Again singer shared a first photo from The New York Times. Then, afterwards, she reposted Brian Tyler Cohen’s tweet. He thus denounces the hypocrisy of the American population.

Then, on a third image shared in Story, the young woman speaks. She shared a screenshot of a news article. She added the following sentence. “Call them what they really are … Terrorists.”

Harsh words, shared by thousands of people on the web. For what shocks public opinion is the lack of drastic measures taken by the police.

Some stars therefore accuse the police of not having acted accordingly following the invasion of Protestants in the Capitol. The pro-Trump activists therefore did not act peacefully, and some videos show police taking pictures with protesters.

An unbearable attitude for Dua Lipa and Internet users, who therefore denounce a slander. “Under the pretext that they are pro-Trump and that they are white, the police do nothing? “,” But what are the police actually playing? ยป, We can read on Twitter.


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