Dua Lipa Tremendous Return She Sang ‘Don’t Start Now’ In The EMAs Spain


Dua Lipa Tremendous Return She Sang ‘Don’t Start Now’ In The EMAs Spain. One more year the delivery of the MTV EMAs awards took place in Seville, Spain and as far as the young artist, Dua Lipa, and who was one of the special guests.

The singer with a spectacular show left more than one with her mouth open and did it with her most recent song “Don’t Start Now”.

The theme that was recently launched and that marks the return of the artist who arrives charged with a high dose of sensuality.


The artist wore an outfit of a totally black piece that exposes all her legs, which she covered with stockings, her wardrobe also exposed her abdomen and much of her front as only a slightly narrow strip covered part of is.

She took the opportunity to seduce her audience not only with her songs but with her new blond look and that put more than one to sigh.

The same artist shared several moments in her networks and of course she received praise.

“You are amazing,” “I am amazed at your impressive work,” Queen Dua is back, “were some of the comments.


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