Dua Lipa talks about her settlement caused by fame


Dua Lipa talks about her settlement caused by fame. The singer confesses that she had to change some habits to continue chasing her dreams.

Singer Dua Lipa has traveled the world with her musical successes , which have filled the girl power charts and an unequaled energy that she transmits through her rhythmic songs. However, she assures that not everything has been rosy.

Recently the singer told Vogue Australia magazine that, although she grew up surrounded by social networks, as her fame grew she realized many of the difficulties that these sites cause for some people , describing the platforms as ‘ a breeding ground for the anxiety’.


Dua says that although she always considered them fun and a good way to communicate with her fans, when she became famous more and more comments about her appeared on the networks, she received more and more criticism and, although she was succeeding, she did not She felt supported due to everything she read on social media.

Feeling so many voices around her giving opinions and criticism made that negativity begin to affect her, for her, the artist had to move away from them a bit in what she would call a ‘social network detox’ . According to Dua Lipa, if she hadn’t done it this way, her style of making music would probably have stalled to try to satisfy others.


Despite this situation, Dua Lipa wants to keep in touch with her followers , only that she has more personal activities in mind , so she has considered holding other types of events such as meetings or even writing letters to her most loyal fans, can you imagine?