Dua Lipa shows what has never been seen: Cover yourself, please!


Dua Lipa shows what has never been seen: Cover yourself, please! And 2 million likes. Dua Lipa is one of the singers of the new era who continues to give what to talk about.

With 24 years her music is not only heard in British lands, because throughout the world her songs have countless reproductions. Despite her youth, her career takes several years, because since he was 20 he had already secured her first contract with Warner Music Group, almost fame assured. This has allowed her to get used to the attention being on her. The publication shows that the London shows never seen.


With a yellow outfit adjusted for the American Music Awards, Dua Lipa shows her gleaming legs. What he called the critics on duty was her absence of curves, quite distant from artists who have prominent innkeepers.

Despite not having this attribute, the English love millions of followers with its innovative style. Not only singing is part of Dua Lipa’s life, because the fashion world has always attracted her attention. It is able to conquer in the area you want.


Dua Lipa and fashion design
Dua Lipa in an alliance with Pepe Jeans created a collection that has had an excellent reception from the public. At the time of taking out this magnificent collection, he left the following message: «Finally I can say… that I have collaborated with @pepejeans to create the Dua Lipa x Pepe Jeans collection, for you. I wanted to learn about design as another way to express myself because I’m always imagining the clothes I want to wear and now I’m taking action. I grew up in the 90s and 2000s in London and from there I took inspiration. . . »

With all the accumulated success it would seem that it reached the top, but the truth is that the best is yet to come for Dua Lipa. Will the year 2019 close big?

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