Dua Lipa shares some photos that you will love


What an angle! While Dua Lipa walked, more was marked! Dua Lipa shares some photos that you will love.

Dua Lipa posted on her Instagram account a series of images wearing a super-tight and sporty white outfit that drove everyone crazy. It seems that she didn’t care about anything while doing the choreography with other dancers and a lucky assistant captured the moment.


The popular singer now carries on her shoulders the title of influencer in the fashion world. And it is not enough to sing and parade because now everything you do and see generates reactions in an audience that is always hungry for more.


Sometimes extravagant, and sometimes sober, the beautiful British celebrity does not stop adding fans around the world, no matter how it appears.

With a very sporty style Dua did not stop showing off to the public and gave a show like none, which was replicated by thousands of profiles.


Thanks to a privileged place that the person who took the photographs took, Dua Lipa surprised her fans with the gallery that favored her so much.

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