Dua Lipa Releases The Trailer Of ‘Physical’, Her Next Single


The singer is ready to give another preview of “Future Nostalgia”.

Dua Lipa is ready to continue conquering the music industry. The singer will release her new album “Future Nostalgia” , which will go on sale in the middle of the year.

The singer already gave an advance last year with “Don’t star now”, but now, she has excited her fans with her new single that opens this Friday, January 31, we tell you all the details.

“Physical” will be Dua’s new single and has shared several teasers, which have awakened theories. The singer shows in the trailer that she is in a room while trying to make sense of what is around. If you distract with a rubik’s cube, then you see a robin in your window, which could mean having a clear vision about something or not being trapped in patterns.

Some fans cannot wait to listen to their new song and and they have already created some theories, because in the teasers it is shown that there are several people with colored outfits and Dua is the center, perhaps the singer wants to show that although we are all different, we come from a whole

“Physical” also promises to have an incredible choreography.


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