Dua Lipa poses in a black thong


Dua Lupa shared part of her intimacy on Instagram, as she published some photographs of her and her boyfriend.

Dua Lipa often shares snippets of her life with her boyfriend Anwar Hadid and recently gave followers a more detailed insight into their relationship as she posted some recent snapshots of the couple and their friends on Instagram.

On this occasion Dua Lipa wanted to be more daring and in a spicy snap, the singer, 25, showed her tiny black thong, which had been placed under her blue jeans.

Dua paired the jeans with a t-shirt with green and pink details, while she overlaid the ensemble with a pale blue sweatshirt.

The hitmaker like One Kiss cheekily stuck her tongue out in a playful tone, while complementing the look with a selection of rings and a pair of pretty earrings.


Dua Lipa shared the photos on Instagram

In another of the images shared on Dua Lipa’s Instagram, her other half appears, Anwar, 21, snuggled in bed with her dog Dexter, whom they adopted in the summer. Other photos showed them with friends, as Dua stuck out her tongue and posed for a sweet photo with one of her friends.

Dua and Anwar have been spending time in New York recently and have shared many of their adventures on their social media platform.

Likewise, singer Dua Lipa has been dating pop star Miley Cyrus during her time in New York. The 27-year-old’s upcoming video project apparently includes Dua, who was seen filming with Miley earlier this week.

Miley recently shared on New Zealand podcast The Dom, Meg And Randell Catchup that Dua and Billy Idol are on their next album.

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Dua Lipa reveals how she has lived the quarantine with Anwar Hadid

Last month it was reported that singer Dua Lipa traveled to Los Angeles to be closer to Anwar, a native of California. The Sun reported that the brunette has moved to the United States to live with her partner due to the fear that she may not be able to travel to him constantly due to the new coronavirus pandemic.

The London-born artist was claimed to have moved into a luxurious property in Beverly Hills near Anwar’s family, even though her inner circle is based in the UK.


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