Dua Lipa lives her life with Anwar Hadid in Tulum!


Dream destination for Dua Lipa and her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid. The two stars have just flown to Tulum and are making the most of it!

Some have a good life, after all! Indeed, Dua Lipa is showing herself as happy as ever next to her lover. She and Anwar Hadid seem to be having happy days in Tulum.

We can say that it is a pretty destination in short. If some of us have to be content with the Parisian gray, it is not the same for everyone.

Thus, Dua Lipa appears next to her boyfriend, in an impromptu destination. In any case, we dream of joining them and having fun under a blazing sun.

The famous singer packed her bags to enjoy the wonderful landscape of this Mexican city: Tulum. Landscape of dreams and beautiful excursions await you.

Especially since Dua Lipa and her boyfriend weren’t alone. She also brought some friends with her to enjoy the sun and the beaches.

Head for Tulum, so for the small group of friends who have come to feast. This, despite the Covid-19 pandemic which is threatening the whole world.


However, Dua Lipa has most certainly respected social distancing at best. In any case, she stayed in a small committee with her friends and her boyfriend, Anwar Hadid.

He is of course the brother of models Gigi and Bella Hadid, who is equally successful. The two of them have been dating for some time.

By his side, Dua Lipa has also invited her sister, Rina, who looks like two drops of water. She, as well as her closest friends, also invited to these holidays.

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Tulum remains in any case an ideal destination and the interpreter of “New Rules” takes advantage of it as it should. Getting back to reality may prove to be more complex, all in all!


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