Dua Lipa – Let’s Get Physical Work Out Video (2020)


Dua Lipa – Let’s Get Physical Work Out Video (2020). The singer prepares us for the release of her second album, ‘Future Nostalgia’, becoming a personal trainer for a day.

Get fit in less than 6 minutes! That is the purpose with which Dua Lipa becomes the fitness instructor of the new Physical video , this time turned into remix and mixed with New Rules , to make her latest single a suitable subject to exercise in the gym or in the living room.

In the video, the British singer presents the body of dance that accompanies her in this exercise, among which are Good Ol ‘Steve, Tardy B & Upset or Sunny & Delight.

Have you worn comfortable sportswear and footwear to sweat the fat drop? Have you prepared water and a towel to regain strength between steps? Let’s get started!


STEP 1: Warm up
First of all, a good warm-up will always help to make the physical exercise satisfactory. Neck, shoulders and hip are the indications that the artist marks us to release the muscles, relax and prepare for the peak of the song, which goes from less to more, like any physical exercise.

STEP 2: Intensity
As a good personal trainer, Dua motivates us to keep up. Then, the thing gets serious with the following aerobic exercises: “displacement with step back and touch”, “hip lift” and the famous ” fonda ” step , which consists of lying on one side of the body, with the elbow supported on the floor and proceed to lift one leg in two movements. It should be remembered that actress Jane Fonda had a gymnastics program where she taught spectators exercise routines, a show that we are sure has inspired the British singer to move forward with this new clip.

It also includes exercises such as “the rump shaker” and “crybaby” , which alternate in different series of repetitions. “Make sure you stay hydrated!” The Do Start Now interpreter reminds you .

STEP 3: Relaxation
We reach the final stretch of this routine. Dry your sweat this doesn’t stop! Time to take the dumbbells and do some Zumba.

Last stretches, inhale and exhale, relax … and you have it! Now we only have to wait until the launch of Future Nostalgia , which will be released on April 3.


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