Dua Lipa launches a contest to sing alongside her fans


The singer wants to do a special cover of her single “Break My heart”.

Take advantage of the quarantine and remove the artist inside you. If you are bored and you don’t know what else to do before falling into despair, music and Dua Lipa is the solution for you.

After the release of her album “Future Nostalgia”, the British wants to carry out a project with the help of her fans to continue promoting her new material. We tell you all the details.


To take advantage of the days off from this quarantine, Dua wants her fans to show off their talents while staying safe. If you know how to sing or play an instrument (trumpet, percussion, guitar, strings, drums, etc.), this contest is for you. You just have to sing or play a cover of “Break My heart”.

You can send your proposal through this link , you have to do it using headphones to have better results. The singer wants to join her fans through music.

Until now, Dua has not explained whether she will integrate each of the audios into a single version or whether she will choose the most talented videos to publish as part of her album promotion. Perhaps she will edit by linking each of the covers into one. Show her your love, support and send your video or audio to sing “Break My Heart” with her.


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