Dua Lipa and Hwasa from MAMAMOO confirm their collaboration


Dua Lipa and Hwasa from MAMAMOO confirm their collaboration. The song will be available from March 18.

Recently MAMAMOO’s social networks have confirmed that Hwasa and Dua Lipa will be joining again for a collaboration , both stars were sharing the stage during the last MAMA broadcast.

During this event, Hwasa covered New Rules , opening the show for the international artist invited for the award, Hwasa continued with a presentation and after that Dua Lipa took the stage and performed her musical hit Don’t Start Now.

When the presentation ended, a photograph of both of them scoured the networks in the hopes of their followers for a collaboration in the same way that Dua Lipa once joined YG Entertainment’s girlgroup BLACKPINK.

The wishes of MAMAMOO and Dua Lipa fans to see these stars reunited again is being fulfilled, as it has been announced that a new version of Physical will be released with the participation of Hwasa.

The song will be available from March 18 and, although it is not a new single by the artist, the followers of both have shown their emotion for the girl power that this version of the latest hit by Dua Lipa will offer to the public.


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