Dua Lipa explains that does not use her social networks


In an interview with Vogue España, singer Dua Lipa can no longer manage her social networks at all. If you follow Dua Lipa’s social networks, be aware that they are not directly maintained by the singer. A team takes care of it for him!

Thousands of stars use social networks to communicate with their subscribers. Indeed, these platforms have become their mode of communication.

Yet a good number of them don’t take care of their personal accounts. In any case, that’s what singer Dua Lipa explained.

Thus, the interpreter of Fever, a song recorded as a feat with Belgian artist Angèle, confessed to our colleagues at Vogue Spain.

For many months now, Dua Lipa has not been managing her accounts. So there is a whole team of communicators behind his nickname.

But why doesn’t the pretty 25-year-old brunette take care of it herself? His schedule, although busy, is not the reason.

“It caused me anxiety. I thought that wasn’t the way I should experience this unique moment, ”said the person.

Then the British model added, “It changed my self-confidence and made me nervous thinking what someone would say. ”


Thus, Dua Lipa would never take the risk of sharing bold posts on social networks. She would never talk about politics!

Either way, the pretty brunette doesn’t have to worry about the hatred spreading on these platforms anymore. Her communications team manages everything for her.

“When I was doing my first interviews and they asked me how I deal with hate, I didn’t know what they were talking about,” she joked.

“It was very early in my career and people weren’t dedicated to saying something that might offend me. “So Dua Lipa took the lead before the time!