Dua Lipa and the most anticipated kiss for all, comes at Christmas!


His irruption in the world of music was as unexpected as impressive. Dua Lipa achieved fame in 2018 and has since remained in the background. Moving away from the spotlights and taking a step to the side. And he was working on his new album. He still has no departure date, but fans can’t wait any longer.

He has already released one of his new songs, ‘Don´t Start Now’. The song has already made it clear that his new album, which he has titled Future Nostalgia, will be very different from his first album. She confirmed that and said that “I have decided to bring this issue to light in order to close one chapter of my life and start another. It is a new stage and I want to start it now. ”

And it is not the only movement that the singer has made in recent dates. He has also deleted all the photos he had on his Instagram from his previous album. Nothing related to what led him to fame remains in his social network. Many fans wondered if she regretted everything she did in 2017, but she simply explained that it was another change she had to make. It is not something premeditated if not another step towards a new stage.

New stage in which new boyfriend premieres. And he is none other than Gigi’s brother and Bella Hadid, Anwar. The younger brother of the models met Dua Lipa six months ago and since then they started a relationship that has been confirmed last week. And as a gift for Christmas the singer of Kosovar origin has wanted to upload a photo in which both appear kissing.

There is no better way to start a new stage with new challenges. There is no nostalgia for his past, only his future. It is an advance.