Dua Lipa announces new album title and the first dates of his next tour


Dua Lipa is already preparing a great year for 2020. As promised, the singer revealed in her social networks the name of her long awaited next album: “Future Nostalgia”.

In a press release, the singer talked about her second album, which will be released only in 2020, but does not have a specific date: “What I wanted to do with this album was to get out of my comfort zone and challenge myself to make music that I could sing alongside my favorite classic pop songs, looking still young and uniquely mine. ”

“I was inspired by so many artists on this new album, from Gwen Stefani to Madonna, to Moloko to Blondie and Outkast, to name but a few,” added Dua Lipa.


“Because of the time I spent on the road touring with my band, I wanted ‘Future Nostalgia’ to have a lot more of the live element but mixed with modern electronic production,” explained Dua Lipa.

“My sound matured a little naturally as I grew up, but I wanted to keep the same pop sensibility I had on the first album. I remember I was on my way to a radio show in Las Vegas thinking about directing this new album and I realized that what I wanted to do was something that was nostalgic but had something new and futuristic, ”concluded the singer.

And talking about this element live, Dua Lipa has already announced the first dates of the “Future Nostalgia Tour”, which starts in late April and initially passes through Europe only.


26/04 – Madrid
28/04 – Barcelona
30/04 – Milan
May 2 – Antwerp
05/04 – Paris
05/05 – Cologne
05/05 – Amsterdam
10/05 – Copenhagen
12/05 – Stockholm
13/05 – Oslo
15/05 – Hamburg
17/05 – Berlin
05/10 – Vienna
5/20 – Munich
26/05 – London
27/05 – London
06/01 – Manchester
06/04 – Leeds
06/07 – Cardiff
06/10 – Birmingham
13/06 – Newcastle
6/15 – Glasgow
6/18 – Dublin
6/19 – Dublin


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