Dua Lipa and Megan T Stallion in identical outfits at the Grammys — a reference to the moment of the 90s


In a sweet reference to the moment of Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey’s twinning, previous Grammy winners in the Best New Artist category presented 2022 Award winner Olivia Rodrigo with her trophy in matching Versace ensembles at the award ceremony on April 3. “You’re not stealing my look,” Megan said with fake annoyance.

“I was told that I have an exclusive,” replied Dua Lipa, who walked the Versace catwalk in September. “I need to talk to Donatella.”

Then an Italian fashion designer came out of the crowd to conjure up black dresses with a scent, telling the artists: “You know what? Let’s do it.” The transformation left Dua in a chic mini skirt, and Megan in a thigh-high midi slit, single-handedly saving women from fashionable tactlessness.

The staged incident was a reference to the Grammy Awards ceremony in 1998, where Mariah and Whitney were presented together in identical dresses with a scent from Vera Wang. For years, pop divas have been pitted against each other, but they proved that there was no competition when they shrugged off their ambivalent appearance. When Mariah saw Whitney, she just said: “Nice dress.”

It was a public—pleasing moment that put an end to rumors of a feud-conversations that only intensified when Whitney was asked about her chart-topping peer in a now-iconic 1990 interview. “What do I think of her?” Whitney answered. “I don’t think about her.”