Drug lab dismantled, in a part of Mexico


A clandestine drug laboratory, with chemical material and containers for the production of synthetic drugs, was located very close to the tourist area of ​​the Wine Route, by elements of the Baja California State Attorney General’s Office (FGE).

The finding was recorded, on the road to the Wine Route, at the height of the Ignacio Zaragoza town in the Ensenada municipality.

Already in the place, elements of the State Security and Investigation Guard (GESI), noticed the existence of the laboratory.

There they located eight water tanks; two wooden boxes of sodium cyanide; 9 tubs; 14 pots; 6 artisan metal gas burners; 4 vats with a dark substance and 13 cherry colored vats containing whitish brown substance, apparently methamphetamine in an intermediate production process.

In addition to 47 drums of ethyl alcohol; 20 tambos with the legend hydrochloric acid; 21 cherry colored drums containing a reddish brown substance and 10 blue drums of glacial acetic acid; 18 different colored drums with the legend butyric acid; 5 green drums of acetone; 77 gas tanks and 3 empty drums with the legend acetone.

Among other materials, 39 bags of sodium hydroxide flakes were also found; 180 sacks with a white substance; 3 artisan metal stills; 14 rolls of sky blanket; various laboratory supplies and equipment; an electric generator; a Ford Superduty vehicle and two waste pits.

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