Drug has been developed to block coronavirus


A research team from Ohio State University has developed a drug for the new type of coronavirus that contains small protein fragments that can prevent it from infecting cells. The team is looking for ways to turn the potential treatment method they developed into a system that can be applied by everyone.

Spray solution to prevent coronavirus spread

In the research that took place at Ohio State University, he developed a drug that prevents the virus from integrating into ACE2 receptors and infecting cells by binding to spike proteins via pepdids, much like the neutralizing antibodies caused by a coronavirus infection or vaccination. Pepdids can be used to develop a nasal spray, or other drugs that can block the spike protein of the virus, that will stop the virus from infecting cells in the nasal cavity and lungs.

Stating that the coronavirus must infect cells in order to survive, the researchers said that to do this, it binds to the ACE2 receptor and then begins to replicate inside the cell to replicate itself. Amit Sharma, the head of the researchers, also showed that their main goal is that SARS-CoV-2 is inactive each time it comes into contact with peptides, because it depends on what the virus should already use to bind to the cell. Therefore, he stated that the virus must be reached from outside the cell.

The team tested several peptides in lab experiments and found that two of the candidates effectively reduced infection compared to control groups. On the other hand, these peptides can be used not only for COVID-19 treatments such as nasal sprays, but also to develop other substances that can neutralize the virus. As a method, it seems most logical to neutralize the virus before it reaches the human body by placing it in aerosol surface disinfectants.


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