Drug charges denied: Julian Klassen speaks plain language


Julian Klassen (29 years old) seems to have entered a new life! The Internet star has just celebrated his debut on the red carpet in Berlin with his partner Tanya Makarich (25 years old). At the event, they talked about their love and everyday life in their first shared apartment. But now serious charges are being brought against the YouTuber — after all, in his story there was a bag whose contents looked like cocaine. Now Julian has commented on the accusations.

“Now it starts, hey,” Julian commented on an Instagram article about an alleged package of cocaine on his desk. Then he showed his followers three bags with white powders inside — these are creatine, BCAA and pre-booster. “So all completely normal, legal products that you take before and after training,” explained the 29-year-old athlete.

Julian’s girlfriend Tanya can also be seen in the short video. In an interview with Promiflash, they told how happy they are together at the moment. “Trust, willingness to compromise, communication” are the three cornerstones of their love secret.


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