Dropbox will launch free password manager


Dropbox will have, as of April, a free password manager that will be made available to all users of the basic plan without charge for the monthly fee for the file management and sharing service. The news was announced by the company on Tuesday (16).

The tool, coincidentally released on the day LastPass initiates some changes to its free manager, limiting its use to one type of device (or computers or mobile devices), is the same password manager launched by Dropbox in 2020 for subscribers.

However, the free version of Dropbox Passwords has a limitation, which certainly will not please those who have a huge amount of login data to save: each user can only store up to 50 passwords on the platform, making their automatic synchronization on three devices.

The function remembers all the user names and passwords saved in the tool to log into email accounts, social networks, shopping sites, apps and any other online service that requires access credentials, with zero knowledge encryption, according to with the company, ensuring that only the user knows their codes – Dropbox claims to have no access to them.

Sharing passwords

The free version of the Dropbox password app will also, in the future, offer the possibility to share stored passwords with anyone, just as with files. According to the company, the process will be carried out safely, avoiding unauthorized access.

The manager will work through an extension for browsers, apps for Android, iOS, Windows, macOS and Linux. Those interested in using the free Dropbox Passwords can register on the service page to receive notification of availability of the tool.

For those who need to store more than 50 passwords, the company offers paid plans starting at $ 9.99 per month, with no limitations on the amount of passwords saved.


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