Dropbox starts testing its own password manager on Android


Best known for its file storage service, Dropbox is about to enter another market: password managers. Quietly, the company recently launched on Android the trial version of a new application that helps you store access codes for the most varied services.

Dropbox Passwords seems to work in a way that simulates the traditional services of this market: it is able to store all your logins and codes, in addition to synchronizing information with all your devices. All data is protected with heavy encryption, without keeping the information on servers other than the device itself.

It even allows you to create secure strings automatically and has the option to “enter with a click”, possibly from an option integrated with the operating system itself.

For now, the only way to test the application is through invitations from the company itself, which sent limited access only to certain groups of users. If you already want to leave it on your device, the download is released in advance access on the Google Play Store. The service is expected to leave the Beta and integrate other platforms soon.


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