Dropbox, Gospel to users: that option was free


Dropbox will allow users to store 50 passwords free of charge. The application will always make safe password sharing as soon as possible.

You have to have a paid account to use Dropbox’s Password Manager. However, with the new update no longer need to pay to use this feature.

Users will have free access to service from April

The Company explained that the DropBox Password Manager will be offered to basic users from early April. With free option, you will be able to store up to 50 passwords synchronized between the three devices in Dropbox. On the other hand, you will be able to have a safe password sharing with others shortly.

At the point where there is plenty of flow and cloud services, it is thought that this service is a real chance of this service and clearly directed you to paid Dropbox plans.

However, the Dropbox password manager to be offered free of charge can also provide competitive advantage, while more accessible to people.

LastPASS recently free synchronization limited with a single device type. This made both the free offer unusable when you want to access the passwords from your computer and your phone. Nevertheless, even if you are facing limitations, it will be easier to handle the Dropbox’s free offer.


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