Drone Shot in the Ghost City Under Quarantine Wuhan (Video)


It was visualized with an ongoing quarantine drone in Wuhan, China, where the Corona virus was first detected. The published images show the empty streets of the city where the quarantine has been going on for two weeks.

The city of Wuhan in China was the first location where the corona virus, which currently affects thousands of people and killed about 500 people, was detected. After the Corona virus was detected, it was declared quarantine on 23 January in Wuhan.

Wuhan residents live in one of the biggest quarantines in human history. With the quarantine announced on January 23, all public transport in the city was stopped. Along with public transportation, the use of personal vehicles in the city was also prohibited throughout the quarantine. Except for grocery stores, hospitals and law enforcement centers, the city’s roads, where all institutions are closed, contain only official vehicles and food-carrying vehicles.

With about 11 million people living with quarantine, Wuhan has become a ghost town. The streets and roads of the city were blank in the footage shot by ABC News. The video only shows two official vehicles on the road and a bike.

About 45 million people are under quarantine
After being detected in Wuhan, the corona virus, which continues to spread rapidly, was declared quarantine with Wuhan in 15 more cities. Approximately 45 million people live in these 15 cities.

Fei Chen, an urban design expert at Liverpool University, said that stopping public transport would prevent people from traveling in bulk, preventing the spread of the virus.

People just go out to buy food and a mask
Information from Wuhan, where the quarantine continues, shows that people only go out to buy food supplies and a protective mask. People living in Wuhan buy food supplies from the markets that are still open. Market employees continue to work with protective clothing that is produced to cover their entire body.

The Reuters news agency reported that the Chinese administration is asking farmers to increase vegetable production. Some of the closed roads are opened at certain times for the transportation of food materials. The Chinese administration has also decided to impose heavy penalties on sellers who have seen a large increase in food material and mask prices.

Large public buildings and stadiums have been turned into hospitals because hospitals in Wuhan are inadequate for people suffering from virus outbreaks.

While the quarantine continues in 15 cities in Wuhan, the corona virus continues to spread. About 500 people have lost their lives so far because of the virus. Thousands of people continue to receive treatment for the virus. The Chinese administration has yet to make a statement on when to quarantine declared due to the corona virus outbreak.

Video showing the empty streets of Wuhan, where the quarantine has been running for 2 weeks:


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