Drone pilot melted his vehicle for the sake of the volcano


A drone pilot captured some spectacular views looking directly into an erupting volcano in Iceland. However, photographer Garðar lafs brought his camera so close to the heat and gushing lava that after taking his drone home, he noticed that part of the machine had melted.

Fortunately, DJI didn’t lose his drone completely. However, the images he obtained show that it is worth the risky flight. “I was flying my drone around the explosion and I decided it would be great to see it all over the top,” Ólafs told PetaPixel. said. “All I could see was I lowered the drone slowly until the lava erupted, and when I looked up I didn’t see the drone anymore. I was literally inside the crater of the volcano. ”

Realizing that if he left the drone in place he wouldn’t be able to last longer, fslafs hastily pulled it out of the dangerous place and returned it to its take-off point. The Icelandic photographer, who inspected the machine after the flight, said that the heat from the volcano melted light on the underside of the drone and also damaged obstacle avoidance sensors. However, he should not have cared much about the possibility of losing these sensors while flying his drone towards an angry volcano.

Although the machine still flies, it no longer works as it should. A series of error messages appear during the flight. Living near the volcano in the Reykjanes area, Ólafs felt he had to fly his drone over the explosion to capture some dramatic images of the extraordinary natural wonder. The photographer makes a profit by selling the drone footage and other photos over stock footage sources. The images he gets are worth a few drones.

“It is a very special feeling to have an erupting volcano 15 minutes from my house,” Ólafs wrote on his Instagram account. “Reykjanes has always been an underrated part of Iceland, but probably the most known part today is it’s funny that things change overnight.”


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