Drone owner rescued woman at sea in aerial footage


While performing a drone flight, a university professor managed to save a woman who was unconscious on a beach in the United States. According to the NBC newspaper, the incident occurred in San Francisco Bay, California.

In an interview, Josh Hug said that he used the small aircraft close to the sea to observe a hangover that happened in the region. Then, through the screen of his cell phone, he spotted a person lying next to the dog by the sea.

“I saw that someone seemed to have been knocked over by the strong waves and I realized that it was rolling while the water hit it. I soon thought that was not a good sign, ”Hug told the newspaper.

Realizing that there was no one close and that the woman was facedown, the teacher ran to the place. When trying to help her to get up, he noticed that the person was unconscious and then understood that the situation was very serious.

Luckily, Hug got help getting the unconscious woman off the beach and waited until she received medical care. According to the chief of the local fire department, if the boy had not provided assistance, the victim would have drowned.

Aerial images of the rescue

While Hug saved the unconscious woman, the drone himself continued to film the rescue. Thus, the images show the university professor dragging the woman away from the sea and asking for help.

After the rescue, the teacher still waited for the rescued woman’s daughter to pick up the dog. So he was aware of the degree of his act. In this case, he not only saved one person’s life, but someone else’s mother’s life.

Interestingly, Hug revealed that he only bought the drone to entertain his children during the new coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, he never imagined that the small aircraft would help save a life.

Check out the rescue images:


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