Drone DJI FPV Introduced That Will Impress Speed


DJI FPV was unveiled at night today. With a technology that will dominate the racing drone market, DJI FPV will meet many things that drone enthusiasts have been waiting for.

DJI, who has been posting a silhouette on its site for days, was predicted to introduce a new drone, but the drone type could not be clarified. When DJI created such a mystery and the counter added to the site combined, everyone was very curious about the future product.

DJI’s new drone FPV was introduced with the end of the counter on the site. Introduced as Fast and Furious in many environments, DJI FPV really deserves this nickname. The DJI FPV, also DJI’s first racing drone, creates an enormous setting for high-performance aerial shooting. You will have a very effective flight experience with the drone delivered with an FPV goggles when you purchase it.

Consider a drone that can reach a speed of 140 km / h:

You will be able to reach a speed of 140 km / h with DJI FPV, where you can get 4K / 60 FPS or 1080p / 120 FPS image quality. Another feature of the drone announced is that it reportedly reaches 100 km / h in 2 seconds. If you want, you can also purchase an intuitive motion controller for the drone. It will be very easy to shoot racing with the drone that follows your hand movements. The DJI FPV, which can shoot up to 150 degrees of super wide angle, is expected to sell quite a lot this year.

The device also comes with N and M mode. N Mode obstacle detection etc. appeals to new drone users with its capabilities. If you are new to drones and you have a lot of money, you can take the device to N Mode and shoot comfortably. Do not worry, you cannot hit the drone on the mountain, even if you want to, in this mode. M Mode offers a full professional user experience. You can have great views with FPV flight experience. The price of the DJI FPV can be considered quite normal compared to foreign drone prices, as well as the total price with the FPV panel is 1300 dollars. DJ is not yet clear when and how much will be sold in Turkey FPV drone seems tailor-made for professional users.


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