Drivers from São Paulo can now pay IPVA using PIX


Car owners with license plates made in São Paulo can now pay the Motor Vehicle Property Tax (IPVA) of 2021 from PIX, the modality of digital and automatic transactions that started operating in Brazil in November 2020 and has already reached quite considerable numbers.

The settlement of IPVA 2021 can be made in cash up to January 14, which guarantees a discount of R $ 32.89, or in installments offered by the government. The novelty is the inclusion of PIX as a form of payment not only for tax, but also for fines or delayed licensing through intermediary apps.

To find out the value of the tax related to your car, just access the website of the value of the IPVA is made by the website of the Department of Finance and inform data such as Renavam and the license plate. It is worth remembering that, to perform a PIX, it is necessary to have at least one key registered with a banking institution – see here for more details on the operation of the process.


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