DriverPack: how to use to configure a computer


A fundamental part of setting up a computer is installing the drivers correctly. Drivers are a type of software that makes the operating system correctly identify each component of the PC’s hardware to allow everything to work properly.

After formatting a PC or performing a clean Windows installation, some components may not be identified automatically, requiring the installation of the correct drivers. Windows, through the Windows Update tool, is able to identify and download some drivers, but the system does not always find the latest versions of the items, requiring a manual search by users.

To facilitate the search, some software such as DriverPack Solution improve this whole process, since it is able not only to find drivers for devices that have not been identified by the system, but also the latest versions of each driver. The software automatically searches, downloads and installs the drivers.

Using DriverPack Solution

DriverPack Solution can be downloaded for free and does not need to be installed, just run.

During its execution, DriverPack Solution has a virtual assistant that indicates which tools are available for your operating system. If you want to disable wizard interactions, simply select the sound icon at the bottom of the screen.

When displaying the list of drivers, the software indicates which is the current version of the installed drivers and which is the most recent version available for each one, and users can individually select which ones will be installed using the checkbox of each .


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