Driver sleeps in Tesla at 150 km / h and ends up arrested


Alberta, Canada’s highway police arrested a driver who was sleeping at the wheel after apparently putting a Tesla model on autopilot. According to authorities, the vehicle reached 150 km / h on the road.

The Tesla Model S seized possibly had the autopilot on and the front seats fully reclined, both the driver’s and a passenger’s seat – both occupants sleeping and unable to see what was happening from the angle of the chairs.

The police officer who approached him started chasing the car after detecting the unusual situation. The driver only noticed what was happening after the siren was turned on. According to Global News, the driver was accused of dangerous driving and will face a sentence in December this year.

In Canada, autonomous cars are still starting tests with traffic in real traffic environments in the Ontario and Quebec regions, with no recorded accidents. However, the use of autopilot is only allowed with a driver always attentive and ready to drive the vehicle when necessary.


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