Driveclub will not be PS5 technical improvements


Paul Rustchynsky, director of the game, practically rules out a possible remastering of the game, being more optimistic about the MotorStorm saga.

Despite the many efforts carried out by the defunct Evolution Studios, the history of DriveClub is one of games that have not been able to survive their own hype. Unfortunately, there will not be a second chance for him, as he will not receive any technical improvement on PS5, as they are receiving many exclusive PS4 games, in addition to, as we know, having closed their servers long ago.

This has been confirmed by the game director and former leader of Evolution Studios, Paul Rustchynsky, who has come to the fore before not a few questions from many fans about not only DriveClub, but also MotorStorm, another arcade driving franchise, is born on PS3.

“With the arrival of PS5 I’m seeing a lot of questions about DriveClub and MotorStorm, so let’s try to shed a little light on that,” said Rustchynsky. “There will be no significant improvements for DriveClub. The frame rate is set at 30 fps, and the resolution at 1080p, and the load times were already fantastic.”

Asked about the possibility of an update, or even a hypothetical remastering, Rustchynsky believes that “it is honestly extremely unlikely. Sony has Gran Turismo as its key driving franchise, and the cost of bringing in a remastering would cost a fortune in licenses.”

That said, you don’t have much hope for the future of MotorStorm either, but you don’t rule it out 100% either. “Sony owns the IP and could revive it at any time, but I am not aware of any project,” he acknowledges. “I would say the options are slim, but I wouldn’t rule it out either. Hopefully!”

Insufficient efforts for the future of DriveClub

Remember that DriveClub was scheduled to arrive with the launch of PS4, back in November 2013, with a free version for PS Plus subscribers. Not only would it not arrive on time, but when it did, it suffered severe server issues that minimized the game’s social options. Over time, Evolution Studios would solve these problems, even adding an expansion, DriveClub Bikes, focused on motorcycles, but it would not be enough to take flight and avoid not only the closure of the game servers, but of the study itself.


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