Dreams receives visual improvements on PS5


Media Molecule confirms the backward compatibility of both Dreams and Tearaway Unfolded on the new Sony console and maintains all its contents.

Great news continues to arrive at the level of backward compatibility from several PS4 exclusives that make the leap to PS5, either with graphic improvements or game transfer, such as the recent case of Horizon Zero Dawn and Killzone Shadow Fall. Now it is the turn of Media Molecule and two of its most celebrated titles from the previous Sony console, such as Dreams and Tearaway Unfolded, confirming their availability on Sony’s new generation console and announcing visual improvements in the case of Dreams.

Media Molecule moves tab with PlayStation 5

Thus, the latest from Media Molecule will also be available on PS5 thanks to backward compatibility with PS4; In addition, those responsible have confirmed that all the content created by the community will be available on the new Sony console, also with visual improvements thanks to the superior hardware of PlayStation 5. All this so that the Dreams community remains as united as it has been until now and do not split in two with a hypothetical version only next gen.

Of course, from Media Molecule they warn that the content created on PS5 will also be available on PS4, although it is possible that there will be differences both visually and in performance on the console already from the last generation, especially in its frame rate per second . Be that as it may, its creators will try to find a system to warn of these possible visual changes on PS4, perhaps with some kind of warning in the interface of the game for PlayStation 4; We will have to wait for a next update to confirm all these news.

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For its part, the nice platforms Tearaway Unfolded (title that made the leap from PS Vita) also points to the generational change, although no notable improvements have been announced in its backward compatible version with PlayStation 5.


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