Dreams Are Continuation Of Real Life


Scientists who researched 24 thousand dreams have reached very striking results. According to the researches of scientists, dreams can be a continuation of our real lives. Although the study does not reveal very clear results for the time being, it gives scientists hope.

Dreams that affect the day of the night, which you sometimes see, are one of the topics that scientists have been working on for a while. Recent research reveals that dreams can be a continuation of our real life. So, according to scientists, dreams are actually the continuation of our daily lives.

Scientists, who continue their studies at Roma Tre University, made a detailed examination on 24 thousand dreams. Scientists, who succeeded in analyzing the language of dreams in the examinations made on dreams in the database of “DreamBank”, managed to reach some important results through thousands of dreams. The results achieved are of the kind that will make a dream you see even more important.

A dream you had could help solve a real life problem

Alessandro Fogli, the number one name of the research, emphasizes that our dreams are actually the continuation of our daily life. Emphasizing that how the day passed is important in having a dream, Fogli states that it is more likely to have tension-filled dreams at the end of a tense day. Also, a dream can help solve a problem in our daily life.

Researching dreams, the team analyzed dream reports with a specially designed language processing device. Comparing their findings with the reports prepared by dream scientists, the team came to the conclusion that the match rate between the two methods was around 75 percent. So if this device develops further, more detailed analysis of dreams can be reached.

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Technologies can be developed to build bridges between dreams and real life.

After researching 24,000 dreams, scientists realized that there are three main elements in the interpretation of a dream. These elements; social interaction, characters and emotional words. Scientists believe that interpretations based on these factors may be sufficient to establish a connection between dreams and real life.

The research done by scientists is not enough to understand exactly what dreams tell about our lives. However, experts are very hopeful of their findings so far. Scientists who believe that new technologies can be developed by taking advantage of the findings believe that this way, bridges can be established between dreams and real life. It is currently unknown when these technologies can be developed.


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