Dreaming of tornadoes is an omen of chaos


Destruction and chaos is what the thunders leave in their wake. These natural phenomena are so powerful that they are capable of erasing any man-made construction in a matter of seconds; surviving them is a feat. For this reason they are very feared by all people and in the world of dreams they cause a similar effect.

Dreaming of tornadoes is related to serious problems, difficult to solve, but those obstacles will not end us. It means that we are going through a complicated stage that will make us grow on a personal level. If we see it from a positive perspective, it means that, if we are able to overcome those problems, we will have the strength and character to face whatever comes our way in life, according to We Mystic.

Tornadoes in dreams also warn of drastic changes in life that can be good or bad for us. For example, a new job in another city or country; And we are naturally afraid of radical movements, but with the passage of time we will confirm that it was the right decision.

Also, these natural phenomena occur in the dream when we are saddened, depressed and disappointed. The tornado represents the destruction of negative feelings, which means that we must take control of our life to show what we are capable of doing.

Other variants of tornado sleep
If in the dream you perceive that they are sand tornadoes that hurt your eyes and prevent you from seeing well, it means that you do not have clear ideas or specific objectives to pursue.

Dreaming of electric tornadoes means that we must be prepared because a radical change is coming that could make us lose control.


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