Dread Hunger, Game of Betrayal and Survival, Gets New Trailer


Dread Hunger: This Wednesday (14), the YouTube channel of the game Dread Hunger released a trailer about the update The Great Hunt, which brings a new character, a bow and arrows and a polar bear to the game of survival and betrayal in the arctic. Released in early access in April, it is available on Steam for R$ 52.49 and already has the update.

According to the game’s page in Valve’s store, the price will change after the full release; the developers have reported that it will come out of Early Access between September and December 2021 — “if all goes well”.

betray and eat your comrades

Similar to Among Us, the Digital Confectioners studio project puts eight players to navigate the arctic. But two survivors are actually Thralls who will try to sabotage the path with spells such as summoning enemies and storms, poisons and other tricks.

To move the ship, players will have to fill a boiler with coal, which can be found on the map. At the same time, the survivors have to worry about food bars and temperature so they don’t die.

Dread Hunger encourages exploration by providing materials for assembling weapons and animals scattered across the map. At the end of the path, the group must find nitroglycerin to blow up a glacier and escape.

Threats to the “good guys” aren’t limited to traitors, as wolves, cannibals, and bears are always stalking the careless. Because it’s first-person, the game brings an invigorating tension to those who are used to the isometric view of Among Us.