Drawing Lessons from Intel-AMD Competition, Nvidia Plans to Switch to 5nm Graphics Cards in 2021


Nvidia seems to have taken a new step to steer the industry. According to the allegations, the company has already signed a protocol with TSMC for 5 nm graphics cards to be produced in 2021. Nvidia’s 5 nm video card move is considered an aggressive move against AMD.

Giant companies producing computer hardware are in a very serious competition, although their numbers are few. For example, Intel, which produced the processors that brought computers to life, was the industry’s monopoly for a long time. However, AMD’s moves and the high-performance processors it developed have made Intel’s throne.

The only competition in the computer hardware industry is not between Intel and AMD. AMD is also noteworthy with the graphics cards it has released over the past few years. When we think of one of the first companies that come to mind when it comes to graphics cards, we can clearly say that there is a very serious competition between AMD and Nvidia. By 2021, the competition between AMD and Nvidia seems to increase slightly.

Allegedly, Nvidia will release 5 nm graphics cards
Allegations made about Nvidia reveal that the company has completed its agreements with TSMC for 2021. Accordingly, Nvidia has signed a protocol with TSMC for the production of 5 nm graphics cards, and thus has already made a reservation for the production process. The agreement in question reveals that Nvidia will come up with new graphics cards that go through the 5 nm production process in 2021 and are based on Hopper architecture.

AMD-Nvidia battle will get hotter next year
Nvidia’s Hopper architecture is the next process of Ampere architecture. In other words, consumers will have the opportunity to meet with Ampere architecture graphics cards, which have passed the 7 nm production process again this year. Allegations made in the previous periods revealed that Nvidia had completed their agreements with TSMC for 2020 and that the company left an important milestone for RTX 3000 series graphics cards.

There is another remarkable point about Nvidia. While the company works with TSMC for new graphics cards, it also negotiates with Samsung for production. It is claimed that Nvidia will also order a certain amount of Samsung, and Samsung will also produce Nvidia’s 5 nm graphics cards under these orders.

It is stated that these moves of Nvidia have been made to break the power of AMD in the graphics sector. Because AMD won the battle against Intel, and its balance sheet at Intel exceeded expectations. Nvidia, the king of the graphics card industry, seems to want to keep her kingdom free from the pressures of AMD by taking firm steps.


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