Dramas with open endings that will make you feel confused


The endings of doramas can leave us many doubts about the story. In the world of Korean dramas, there are stories for every taste. However, something that not many like is to see an open ending to the closing of the story that they have consistently followed.

Happy endings are like a reward for the character’s trajectory, while sad endings inevitably break our hearts. But when it comes to an open ending there is no way to explain the discomfort that some fans may feel.

Despite this, open endings can be an alternative when it comes to providing hope for a better future, but sometimes they are so confusing that they only leave us waiting for a second season, something that we almost never see in dramas.

Here is a list of doramas with open endings that, while they give you the possibility of imagining a future for the characters, could also ruin the experience of having seen a good series with a strange conclusion.


Hong Seol is a college girl who due to financial problems must leave school for a while, however when she goes back to college, one of her classmates will try to get close to her. Yoo Jung is a popular, intelligent boy from a rich family, although everyone likes him, Hong Seol finds him very strange because he has seen beyond his innocent side. The end of this drama will make you wonder if it was worth facing so many difficulties for such an unexpected closure, which could only be solved by continuing the story.

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Kang Gyung Joon is a rebellious student who has just returned to South Korea, one day he is involved in a car accident with Seo Yoo Jae, a doctor who is also engaged to Gyung Yoon’s teacher. After the accident they exchange bodies, but one of them will remain in a coma, how will they solve this problem? The ending to this drama can seem unexpected, confusing, and misleading, so it lends itself to various interpretations.


Chal Da Gun wants to discover what is behind the death of his nephew, a boy who died in a plane crash that hides many mysteries. For his investigation, he will enlist the help of Go Hae Ri, but together they will discover that there are more people involved in a web of secrets that are difficult to decipher. After moments full of intrigue and emotion, the closing of this drama will leave you with the hope of a continuation to the story where all the mysteries are clarified.

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Dangyeon becomes queen, however, her reign only lasts for seven days, as she is driven out of the palace. Dangyeon and King Jungjong have been in love and are not willing to give up their love, however when he must focus on political issues, he might put love aside, will Dangyeon and Jungjong manage to be together? Although this drama does not exactly have an open ending, it does take a look at the two alternatives for the closing of the story, thus awakening the desire of fans to see a second season of it following the ending they enjoyed the most.


Ha Jin is a girl who mysteriously travels back in time to the Goryeo era, in this site she will meet the princes of the palace and make good friends who will help her adapt to her new environment, but this girl’s personality will lead her to get into problems and put his life at risk, but he will also discover love with Wang So. This story presents an ending that will undoubtedly break your heart, but will also raise a hope that we all wanted to see flourish.


Yoo Ji Woo embarks on a business trip to meet a game programmer. Jung Se Joon is the augmented reality creator that takes you to experience the battles of medieval times. Upon arriving in Granada to attend the meeting, Ji Woo discovers that Se Joon is nowhere to be found, but he will meet the sister of this programmer and together they will be involved in a scenario between reality and the history of the game.


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