Dramas with funny scenes of jealousy that you will love


Characters in Korean dramas can act funny when faced with a fit of jealousy. The stories in the doramas lead us to live multiple stories with their main characters and, for the most part, show us the romance that some of them develop throughout the episodes of the series.

However, when there is more than one character interested in the protagonist of the K-Drama, scenes of jealousy are present. It is then that the actors who participate in these productions give life to funny moments that will fill the story with emotion.

These scenes are easily etched in our memory, since they are decisive moments where the heart of the protagonist will lean towards one of those involved.

Here we tell you what are some K-Dramas that include funny scenes of jealousy. Tell us which of these Asian series you liked and if any of the Korean actors who star in it is your favorite. You will also find a brief synopsis of these stories to encourage you to see them in case you do not know them.



The K-drama starring Park Bo Young, Park Hyung Suk, and Ji Soo tells the story of Bong Soon, a girl with an adorable appearance but who possesses extraordinary strength. When the CEO of a video game company discovers this girl’s ability, he decides to hire her to be his bodyguard. She has a crush on a detective she has known since they were students, but when her longtime friend and her new boss meet, they will constantly fight for Bong Soon’s attention.


The Heirs also presents us with a love triangle, only in this case it is about two guys who were once friends and later became enemies due to a misunderstanding. When Eun Sang enters their lives by becoming a student at the prestigious school they attend, they will also discover a reason to keep meeting and trying to win the girl’s heart. This drama stars Park Shin Hye, Lee Min Hoo, and Kim Woo Bin.


This drama starring Lee Sung Kyung and Nam Joo Hyuk tells the story of a swimmer and a weightlifter who study at the same school, they met when they were children, however, now that they are reunited they will also discover that they share a bond special. Although they will try to hide what they feel, the jealousy they feel when the person they like is with someone else will force them to accept their relationship in front of others.


Park So Dam plays Eun Ha Won, a student who was orphaned since she was a child, because of this, Ha won’s life has been difficult and she must take part-time jobs and face rude clients who try to humiliate her. After being cheated on, she becomes involved with a family of three boys who don’t have a good relationship and will try to make them get along better, however the three boys will develop a special interest in Ha Won and will do everything to win her affection. girl.


Eun Tak is a girl who since childhood can see ghosts, who tell her that she is the bride of the immortal being. One day she meets this being who for years has waited to find the girl who will end her eternal life and will start living in the same house because she has nowhere to go. They are destined to fall in love, but even if the goblin has lived for hundreds of years, she won’t be able to avoid doing some jealous scenes to her young girlfriend. The drama stars Kim Go Eun and Gong Yoo.


This drama tells the story of a sergeant and a captain in the Korean army who have become best friends. They are the best at their jobs, but when it comes to romance, not everything works out perfectly. Sergeant Seo Dae Young has a crush on Myung Yoon, an army surgeon who loves him madly, yet this girl’s father opposes their relationship and will do everything to separate them. For his part, Captain Yoo Shi Jin doesn’t seem to have time for relationships until he meets Mo Yeon, a successful doctor with whom fate will insist on reuniting him.


The drama takes us to meet Yoo Hye Jung, she was a rebellious teenager with no goal to follow until she transfers from school and meets Hong Ji Hong, a teacher who also happens to be a doctor. It is then that she discovers what she wants to do with her life and a motivation to keep trying. Although they are separated due to a scandal at their school, fate will find them again when they both start working within the same hospital.

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