Dramas that were branded as boring


Learn about the stories of dramas that did not catch the public. There is no doubt that tastes break genres, but fortunately, Korean dramas offer an immense variety of stories so that everyone can choose the ones that best suit their preferences, choosing between the theme, the duration and even the participating actors. .

But despite this, sometimes we start to see a very promising K-Drama and then we realize that the story was not what we expected or simply did not catch us.

Has it happened to you? However, the same stories that were boring for some, were wonderful for others.

Therefore, the perception of each person is what will really define if it is an entertaining story or not, and it will do it according to their preferences.

Below, we tell you about some dramas that have sometimes been pointed out as boring, although we have enjoyed many of these stories quite a bit.

Miss Panda & Hedgehog

The drama features an engaging cast and caught attention by having Super Junior’s Donghae as one of the protagonists. It is a very tender and romantic story, but according to some people who did not enjoy the drama, the narrative becomes predictable and fails to spread the emotion of the characters, is it?

Dream High 2

Dream High had an excellent reception, featuring stars from the world of K-Pop. For that reason, it was decided to make a second season to present a new story, the bad thing is that some people pointed out that despite having appearances of idols and known faces of K-Pop, the story was not so attractive and some episodes seemed filler. UnU

Pretty man

The drama had two leading actors who aroused the interest of the public, but it seems that the result was not as expected, since many people point out that the story was not good and there was no chemistry between the protas either. What do you think?

Marry Him If You Dare

This drama was presented to the audience with a very interesting story, but the development of it was not what many expected. The story was said to be moving very slowly and each step seemed predictable. BUUH!

Flower Boy Next Door

This K-Drama stars Park Shin Hye, so it was certainly enjoyed by many of his fans. But for some others, the drama did not have a good dynamic, the story unfolds in an apartment area and because of the personality of the characters, there are no such exciting moments.

Blade Man

The fantasy drama starring Lee Dong Wook was not to everyone’s liking. Some pointed out that the performance of the cast in this production had not been as expected, so the story did not shine. Do you think the same?

Bride of the Water God

The drama had Nam Joo Hyuk as one of the protagonists, when the trailer was revealed it aroused great emotion, however after its broadcast, some people pointed out that the story was slow and could not hook. do you agree with them?

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