Dramas that premiere in a few days and you must see


The premiere of new dramas will steal all your attention. As every month, we will see new fiction productions premiere and catch the audience. August will ensure that you do not detach from the screen and keep an eye on the new K-Dramas and here we tell you everything you need to know about them.

The upcoming productions have very diverse themes, from romantic comedies to mystery and crime stories, so you must choose which ones to follow while they are on air.

Next we will tell you which are the dramas that will be released in a few days, so you can choose the one that best suits your preferences.

Whether it’s because of the plot, the premiere date, or because your favorite actor is coming out, these are the best dramas that will begin airing very soon:

When I Was the Prettiest

With Jisoo as one of the leading actors, we can’t wait any longer to see this K-Drama. When I Was the Prettiest tells the story of a talented pottery girl who finds herself in a love triangle after two brothers fall madly in love with her. They have very different personalities, but they will give their all to win the girl’s heart. This drama will premiere on August 19.

Zombie Detective

K-Drama premiere premieres on August 31. After dying, Kim Moo Young resurrected as a zombie and is now determined to investigate what happened in his past that led him to die, so he will become a detective motivated to discover the truth.

Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol

Starting next August 26, you will be able to see Do Do Sol Sol La La Sol, a drama that tells the story of Goo Ra Ra, a girl who due to a family crisis has to move and begins to work in a small music academy. Thus, he will meet new people who will be part of her life.

Lonely Enough to Love

Also known as Can’t Be Bothered to Date, But Don’t Want to be Lonely. A house will be home to different tenants with something in common. They do not want to be alone, however, they are not looking for a serious relationship that complicates their day to day. Will they be able to find the ideal person to share their time? This drama premieres on August 11.


This science fiction K-Drama tells the story of a detective who, after the death of his mother, has made the decision to find the culprit of his murder. That event happened years ago, but now that you have started looking for answers, you will meet a person very much like your mother. The drama premieres on August 28.

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Stranger 2

Also known as Forest of Secrets 2, this second season of the K-Drama will premiere on August 15 and will tell the story of Hwang Si Mok, a prosecutor who will seek the necessary methods to solve what is behind the crimes that he must investigate as part of their work.

Missing: The Other Side

A mystery K-Drama will arrive starting August 29 with Missing: The Other Side. It tells the story of a team of people who arrive in a strange town where several people have disappeared before, but they must investigate what really happened.

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