Dramas starring Ji Chang Wook that you can’t miss


Dramas starring Ji Chang Wook that you can’t miss. This actor will manage to conquer you with his talent and charisma.

Ji Chang Wook is one of the actors who with his charisma and charming smile has managed to become one of our favorites in Korean dramas, in addition, the stories in which he participates usually have a seal of guarantee, since in addition to having his impeccable acting , they tend to be dramas that easily hook and envelop you every chapter.


As well as showing a sweet side, Ji Chang Wook has the ability to perform in action scenes and convey all the adrenaline of the moment , so you will surely have your emotions on the surface as you see it on screen.

As a prosecutor, a mysterious messenger, or a handsome bodyguard, there are many facets of Ji Chang Wook that you can learn about through the stories he stars in, so you will surely find one that suits your tastes very well.

Suspicious Partner
Eun Bong Hee is an apprentice prosecutor who begins working under the care of Noh Ji Wook. Everything seems to be in order in their lives even though they don’t like each other very much, but one day Bong Hee’s ex-boyfriend is killed and the main suspect is her. He will have to prove his innocence and find the real culprit, but for this he will need the help of Ji Wook.

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#BTS from the finale of #SuspiciousPartner!

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Tornado Girl 2
A Chinese drama that revolves around Qi Bai Cao, a professional athlete dedicated to martial arts whose talent has led her to be recognized throughout Asia. Everything is complicated after the loss of her mentor, because she will not know which way to go now that he is not there. Fortunately destiny will take her with Chang An, a man who will help her regain her competitive spirit and her thirst for success.

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선풍소녀2 로 중국어 공부하기!! ———————————- 旋风少女 2 / 第十七集 / 决战狮城 第一章 Tornado girl 2 / Episode 17 / Trio Game is Singapore —————————————— 百草 Baicao! 长安教练 Professor Chang’an 你怎么一个人在这儿训练啊 Why did you practice alone? 早上在医院陪护廷皓前辈了 I looked after brother Tinghao this morning. 没有上早训 Missed out on the morning training. 现在补上 I’m making up for it. 廷皓的伤怎么样了 How is Tinghao doing? 严重吗 Is he hurt badly? 挺严重的 Very badly. 昨天晚上吓坏我跟晓萤了 Xiaoying and I were so scared last night. 不过好在手术很成功 Luckily, the operation went successfully. 过两天就可以出院了 He will be discharged in one day or two. 有时间的话我也去看看他 I’ll go to see him when I’m free. 那个今天 谢谢你啊 Well, today… Thank you. 如果留下我的代价是失去松柏道馆 If you let me stay at the price of losing Songbai, 百草 Baicao, 你真的不后悔吗 You won’t regret it? 当然不会了 I won’t. 不止是我 Not only me 所有人都不会的 Everyone will not regret it. 因为您是我们的教练啊 Because you’re our professor. 就是我们松柏的一员 You’re one of us. 绝对不可以放弃的 We won’t give up on you! ———————————- 출처: English subtitles by YouTube #지창욱#jichangwook#池昌旭#선풍소녀2제17화#旋风少女2第17集#Tornadogirl2Episode17#중국드라마#중드#중국어#중국어배우기#chinese#learnchinese

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The K2
After being betrayed by his squad, Kim Je Ha will leave life as a soldier to try to stay safe while fleeing, and so he meets Go Ahn Na, who is the daughter of a leading politician in Korea. Due to his abilities, Kim Je Ha will be hired as a bodyguard by this man, so he will be witness to many of the mismanagements that are carried out to maintain control over political power.


Seo Jung Hoo is known as Healer, a mysterious messenger who lives hidden, he will meet two other people with whom he seems to have no connection but the time will discover that only they can discover what is behind an event that occurred decades ago, ¿ What do they have to do with what happened? It is a drama full of action and emotion that you cannot miss.


Melting Me Softly
Ma Dong Chan is part of the staff of a variety show, this show will show a project where some members of the show will be frozen for 24 hours and then wake up as if nothing had happened. However, upon awakening Dong Chan discovers that 20 years have actually passed and all his acquaintances have aged.



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