Dramas with sad endings that will make you cry


Korean dramas are full of stories that touch our hearts, we accompany the main characters in their different experiences, so we are witnesses of the good and bad moments that they have to live.

Although in most of these stories there are some sad moments, the worst is when the moment of shedding tears is at the end of the drama, which means that things didn’t go as well as we wanted and our hopes of seeing the characters happy have been shattered.

It is difficult to know for sure if the end of a drama will make us suffer, we always hope that a happy ending will come to give the protagonists the tranquility and joy they deserve, but on many occasions that is not what happens.

Below we will remember some of the sad endings that have made us shed several tears, you can find some spoilers so make sure you have seen these dramas before reading the description in each one.



Although the drama is full of painful moments where many of our favorite characters must suffer frequently, knowing that Hae So died far from the person she loved because of a misunderstanding was one of the worst blows history ever gave us.


This drama leads us to learn from the lessons that Shi Kyung must face after moving to a rural area. Little by little he learns to value the things that are really important in life, however, he will also suffer the pain of having to say goodbye to the one he loves the most.


This short drama was full of suffering for the protagonists, who after facing great difficulties decide to end their lives hoping to go to the next world together.


Although we all wanted the romance between No Eul and Joo Jong to have a happy ending, he discovers that he has an incurable disease, which will separate him from the girl he loves shortly after being reunited.


This story has already become a classic that anyone who enters the world of dramas should see, although it is very notorious that years have passed since its premiere, the story of Joo Sang and Yoo Jin will make you shed several tears as you see them suffer for love that they cannot give up.

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