Dramas about angels that will catch you with their story


The history of Korean dramas also leads us to learn stories of angels full of teachings. Fantasy is present in K-Dramas in many ways, through magical and mysterious stories, and sometimes with productions full of teachings where angels are some of the main characters.

Do you know any such story? The lives of some characters are put at risk through the episodes of a series, therefore, angels will play a very special role in these stories.

There are mischievous angels, others very cute and some more with complicated missions to carry out in the world of the living, but they all have good intentions.

Here we recommend some stories of Asian dramas where angels were key characters and that you will surely enjoy.


49 Days

It tells us the story of a girl who thought she had the perfect life, she is about to get engaged to her boyfriend, but an accident leaves her in a coma. Fortunately, she obtains a mission that would let her return to earth, she must find three people who sincerely cry for her and she will only have the help of an angel of death who does not remember anything about her past.

Angel’s Last Mission: Love

Yeon Seo is a talented dancer with an arrogant attitude, her past has led her to not trust any of the people around her, but after suffering an accident she meets Kim Dan, an angel who must find the ideal person to fall in love with. by Yeon Seo.


Star in the universe

Ji Woo is a girl who died being very young, because of this, she obtains permission to return to earth only for a short time, in which she can fulfill all the wishes that she left pending, it is then that she can return and meet Woo Joo, a talented musician and singer, but their lives will take an unexpected turn.

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It tells the story of two characters who were punished due to their actions, one of them becomes an immortal being, another is now an angel of death. The angel of death must remain on earth and guide all those who die to the afterlife, but he will be surprised when he meets a girl he knew when he was alive.

The Secret Angel

This story is a C-Drama but it also addresses an angel theme. L is a mischievous angel who after making a mistake is punished, now he must stay a season on earth without causing damage and keeping a man alive, but a demon will do everything possible to make his mission fail.


High School Love On

This school K-drama takes us to meet Seul Bi, an angel with the look of a girl who accidentally meets Woo Hyun. Although he is very popular with his classmates, he is not happy due to the accompanying past. She will become a student at the same school where Woo Hyun studies but as she gets closer to this boy she will also be part of a love triangle.

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