Drama ‘The Red Sleeve’ Will Increase the Number of Episodes


The drama ‘The Red Sleeve‘ is rumored to be increasing the number of episodes. On Thursday (09/12), OSEN reported that the drama ‘The Red Sleeve‘ on MBC will end with a total of 17 episodes instead of 16 episodes.

In response to the report, MBC immediately commented, “One episode extension has been confirmed for a successful ending and in order to repay viewers’ support by providing a good ending.”

“Including the romance between the male and female main characters which has officially begun, various stories have also been prepared for the second part of the drama. The production team and cast will do their best until the end to meet the audience’s expectations,” they said.

The Red Sleeve’ is a historical themed drama starring Lee Junho as the crown prince Yi San and actress Lee Se Young as a court lady named Seong Deok Im.