Drama couples who broke our hearts by breaking up


Some couples don’t have a happy ending or break up in a way that is very painful for K-drama fans. As a follower of South Korean television series, you may have already begun to identify some patterns that we see repeated in K-drama stories, however, although romance is the basis of many series, the difficulties that the couple face they are not always the same and in some cases they must even be separated.

Enjoying a drama will lead you to experience the ups and downs that the couples who star in the drama face to fight for their love, however, some have better luck than others.

Sometimes the characters in Korean dramas have to interrupt their relationship without being certain if they will ever meet again and, although some of them do, others do not achieve the happy ending that we all hope.

For this reason, the separation of the couple from a K-Drama often makes us suffer while we accompany the characters on their journey.

Here are some Korean drama couples who temporarily or permanently separated and who broke our hearts doing so.

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Sunoh and Jojo
The Love Alarm couple gave us a big surprise when they broke up from one moment to the next. Everything seemed to be going very well for them before the accident, but after that they began to drift away until Jojo decided to install the shield that would hide their feelings in the Love Alarm app. How to forget the scene of Sunoh asking Jojo to love him again?

Alberto and Seo Dan
The secondary couple from Crash Landing On You gave us unique moments and we managed to become fond of both characters, they also discovered love in each other’s company, but Seung Joon (Alberto’s real name) had to leave the country to stay safe. He decided to take a risk to save Seo Dan and sadly it wasn’t distance that separated them, but the line between life and death.

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Jisoo and Jaehyung
The protagonists of When My Love Blooms showed us two stages of their lives, one from their youth, when they started dating, and another as adults who meet again. Little by little we get to know the history of this couple, but there are many factors that cause Jisoo and Jaehyung to separate despite loving each other.

Tae Hee and Shi Hyun
The relationship between Tae Hee and Shi Hyun in The Great Seducer started as a game for this boy, however, as he shared time and experiences with Tae Hee, he realized that he was really interested in her. Unfortunately for them, their families shared an unfortunate past that reached them apart.


Eun Sang and Kim Tan
The Heirs couple faced many challenges, but the strongest was the pressure caused by the difference in economic position of each. After fighting for her love, Eun Sang begins to move away and it is then that the separation of the couple leads Kim Tan to a very sad situation that broke our hearts.


Wang So and Hae Soo
The protagonists of Moon Lovers: Scarlet Heart Ryeo did not have a good ending for their love. Through the years they endured many difficulties and overcame the obstacles that were in their path. Until everything changed and Hae Soo was exiled out of the palace. This separation was very sad, but it was worse when Hae Soo returned to the current era and Wang So did not hear from her anymore.


Seo Joon and Ha Na
Love Rain also showed us a very sad separation, the relationship between Seo Joon and Ha Na did not start in the best way, however, over time they began to spend many moments together and fell in love. One day Seo Joon discovers that his father and Ha Na’s mother share the same past, so he decides to walk away from the girl without giving her an explanation.


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