Drama characters that broke the clichés


Although there are clichés that we see in most K-Dramas, some characters went against what any viewer might expect.

Romance stories are a constant in most Korean dramas, so there are some characteristic scenes or moments that we can predict from all narratives, however, these clichés can be broken when ideal characters appear.

The way we expect the protagonists to behave or how we think their love will triumph can be very varied, so we cannot take for granted how a series will develop.

Did you think of a character who has gone against expectations for a leading role? There are several cliches that have been broken in K-Dramas, but each character achieves it in their own way.

Here’s how some characters who surprised us by going against the clichés and stereotypes that we often see in Korean dramas, what was your favorite?


Kim book joo

Who says that the protagonists of a K-drama must meet the same qualities to be pretty? Weightliftling Fairy showed us a very unusual protagonist, she is a girl that we almost always see in sportswear, who is not very feminine and who eats non-stop because her body needs to be ready for her training as a weightlifter. But this leading lady is still charming and we were fascinated by her role.

Ji Wook and Yoo Min

Romantic scenes don’t always happen at the end, proof of them were Ji Wook and Yoo Min from My Secret Romance, who from the first episode gave us a passionate moment that surprised everyone who saw the drama.

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Do bong soon

This character showed us that the hero does not have to be the protagonist. Do Bong Soon’s qualities allow her to take care of the boy she loves and have attentions that we often see men star in.


Yong sik

The protagonist of When The Camellia Blooms tried hard to win over Dong Baek, but this guy is not like other roles we’ve seen on screen. The charm of this boy does not always lie in being charming and saving the protagonist as a hero, just see how he pulled Dong Baek’s hair while trying to save his life.

Joon young

This is a cliché that we wish would never break, however it happens and it manages to leave us with great heartache. Who says the protagonists never die? Uncontrollably Found’s Joon Young is one of the examples that have killed this idea that many people have about K-dramas, so never be so sure that a good ending will come for the protagonists of the story.

Ju Ri

We often see that dramas include a secondary boy who is also interested in the protagonist, these characters often suffer due to their one-sided love, but It’s Okay Not To Be Okay presented us with something different, a secondary girl. It is not about a villain willing to make the protagonists suffer, but someone who has noticed the protagonist who does not share the same feelings.


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