Drama actors who look younger than they are


Some of the Korean actors we see on screen are not as young as they appear. The world of K-Dramas has allowed us to meet different actors and actresses who, in addition to having great talent, also have an incredible image that manages to captivate us, but many of them are bigger than you could imagine.

When it comes to calculating ages, the perspective one has from one country to another varies a lot, possibly because we compare it with our closest reference. That is why we are often surprised by the ages of Korean celebrities.

But even after getting acquainted with drama actors and starting to calculate ages by taking into account references from the same industry, there are some celebrities who surprise you because of how young they look.

For this reason, below we will tell you about some famous Korean drama actors who do not look their real age and, for that same reason, we see them play very young characters.

Tell us if you are a fan of any of these actors or which of them is your favorite.


The protagonist of Moonlight Drawn By Clouds is 27 years old, but many of his features make him look much younger. One of them is his tender smile that gives him a jovial touch and gives him the possibility of playing characters who are younger than he really is.


Jang Se Hyun turned 33 a few months ago, but he has a young image that easily hides his true age.

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This idol and actor is 34 years old, but you would never guess it while watching him perform. Jae Joong was a part of the K-Drama Manhone: Wonderland’s Feel.


Jisoo has given life to a large number of roles that surely stole your heart. This talented actor is 27 years old, but his appearance makes him look so young that he still plays student roles in dramas like Because It’s My First Love and When I Was The Most Beautiful, the latter just starting to air.


The protagonist of the Liar and His Lover is also 27 years old and matches the descriptions above. This actor will surprise you with his performance but also with his jovial and slightly tender image.


Song Joong Ki has been a part of successful productions such as Innocent Man, Descendant Of The Sun and Arthdal ​​Chronicles, although this actor has a cute image and an adorable smile, you will be surprised to know that he will soon be 35 years old.


This actor is 32 years old, but his image does not reveal it. Jung Hae In acted in While You We’re Sleeping, Goblin, and most recently we saw him on One Spring Night.


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