Drake will release their new title “Toosie slide” on April 2!


On Thursday April 2, singer Drake will meet his fans for the release of his new song “Toosie Slide”. To help you wait,

More than a day! Waiting for a new song from your favorite singer is always impossible. However, you cannot do otherwise! We must be patient!

Rihanna fans cannot pretend otherwise! Since the release of his latest album “Anti”, they have been impatient to discover “R9”, his ninth album.

Indeed, it has been ready for months. However, Riri loves to make them languish! But fans are tired of waiting. And you have to believe that Drake too! Indeed, he too would like to listen to his new project!

Thus, the rapper does not want to make his fans wait like his girlfriend does. The proof ! The latter gives his fans an appointment for the release of his new hit, “Toosie Slide”, on April 2, 2020 at midnight!

His new song is coming out very soon! Besides, Drake keeps promoting the release of “Toosie Slide”. The proof on Instagram! The young man reveals the cover of his single two days before its release.

In any case, the audience of the Canadian artist should be seduced by this new song! Besides, you may have already heard an extract on TikTok. Yes, a challenge on this music invades the application!

“Gotta dance but it’s really on some street sh * t / I’ma show you how to get it, it go right foot up / Left foot slide / Left foot up / Right foot slide / Basically I’m saying either way we ‘ bout to slide ”, interprets Drake.

Besides, Drake seems to want to please his fans! For several days, the interpreter of God’s Plan has not stopped surprising them! First, the latter publishes a photo of his son.

But in addition, he reveals clues to his future album during a podcast for Toronto podcasts. “This album, I’m probably going to make it more realistic – something more concise,” he said.


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